Thursday, September 07, 2006

The ABCs of Physics

Alot of my students were asking is "Physics is going to hard?" I always tell them, "Eliminate the word HARD in your mind and everything will be EASY. Someone asked me" Is your class going to be FUN?" My anwer, " It depends on what is your idea of FUN..." So, for those who are wondering what physics is all about...check this out to have a glimpse on what Physics is...

Edwin F. Myer III, The Gilden Company
A is for Accelerate, a change in velocity
B is Big Bang, the first curiosity

C is for Charge, which causes a spark
D is Down, a flavor of quark

E is for Element, like carbon or xenon
F is for Force, on the wall that you lean on

G is for Gravity, which gives mass weight
H is for Heisenberg, who denied us fate

I is for infinity, much greater than one
J is for Jupiter, fifth from the sun

K is for Klystron, a microwave source
L is for Lever, to multiply force

M is for Momentum, conserved in collision
N is for Neutron, a product of fission

O is for Orbitals, where electrons go round
P is for Proton, whose decay we've not found

Q is for Quanta, a corpuscles of light
R is for Rainbow, all the colors from white

S is for Sound, a compressional wave
T is for Time, which no one can save

U is for Universe, where God does play dice
V is for Vaporize, like stream off of rice

W is for Water, a.k.a. H2O
X is the symbol for what we don't know

Y is for Year, the time 'round the sun
Z is for Zero, the countdown is done...


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